Did you know that all of our classes are free whether you are a patient or not?  We love educating our community!  After all an educated person is a healthier person!   Please join us at 6:15 every Tuesday!  


Previous Classes

Exercise & Stretching  We were shown some proper techniques to use when stretching and class discussion revealed some renewed commitment with our patients to stay in shape and improve their health!  


Keys to Nutrition & Inflammation!  Lots of good information was provided concerning how our diet and lifestyle can attribute to decreasing inflammation!


                                                           2018 Teaching Tuesday Schedule


1/2     Positive & Mental Attitude                                                                                        7/3       Bring Your Questions!

1/9     Boost Your Immune System With Essential Oils                                                        7/10     Reducing Your Toxic Load

1/16   You Are What You Eat                                                                                              7/17    To Supplement or Not

1/23   Oh My Aching Neck (stretches & exercises)                                                               7/24    Posture! Posture!


2/6     Tips for A Healthy Spine                                                                                           8/7      Chiro For Kids!

2/13   Lift Your Oily Spirits!                                                                                                8/14     Essentially Healthy With Oils

2/20   What Is A Food Chart?                                                                                             8/21    Easy Healthy Meal Planning

2/27   Low Back Exercises                                                                                                8/28     Couch to 5K


3/6    How Healing Happens                                                                                               9/3      Ways To Reduce Stress

3/13   Di-Gize Your Gut                                                                                                      9/10     No Stress Oils

3/20  Digestive Tract Under Attack                                                                                      9/17     Healthy Lunches For Kids

3/27   Importance of Stretching                                                                                           9/24    Core Strengthening


4/3     The Fountain of Youth                                                                                              10/02     Benefits of Controlled Breathing

4/10   Oil My Headache Away                                                                                            10/09    Healing Fall Blends

4/17   Cleanse For Spring                                                                                                   10/16    Balancing Hormones Naturally

4/24   Fit While You Sit                                                                                                      10/23    Exercise - Start With The End In Mind


5/1     Better Night Sleep Tips                                                                                           11/06      Your Re-Tracing Self

5/8     Sleep Like a Baby With Essential Oils                                                                      11/13      Medicine Cabinet Makeover

5/15   Benefits of Fermented Foods                                                                                     11/20     What's Wrong With Wheat

5/22   Why Exercise                                                                                                          11/27     Winter Workouts While Hibernating


6/5     Bone & Joint Health                                                                                                12/7   The Amazing You

6/12    Cooking With Oils                                                                                                  12/11  Essential Oils & Gifts of the Season

6/19     Developing a Healthy Lifestyle                                                                                12/18    Family Fun Night!

6/26     Increasing Flexibility